OK, so you wrote AI4U. What else is new?
Don't forget the AI breakthrough of 7 June 2006.
The next step is to trigger a Technological Singularity.

Besides publishing AI4U, how are you launching the Technological Singularity?

Why did you write AI4U?
See the Preface on page ix of the AI4U front matter.

Why did you self-publish instead of finding a traditional publisher?
The M*ntifex-bashers like to label the chosen route as vanity self-publication,
but is a legitimate option for those with ideas to disseminate.
The idea is, let the peer-review occur after, not before, the publication.

What gives you the authority to write a book on artificial intelligence?
As an independent scholar in AI, I am a natural authority on my own work.

Why is there no index at the back of the book?
Time constraints did not permit the crafting of an in-book index.
Instead, there is an on-line index that may be captured locally or printed out.

How well has the AI4U book sold? reveals the sales figures.

Why did the publisher release both positive and negative points about AI4U?
Actually, I wrote the "positive and negative points" for the back of the book.
I wanted to offset the extraordinary scientific claims of having solved AI
with all the drawbacks that I could think of, so as to achieve a balance.

What institutions of higher learning have AI4U in their libraries?
The following prestigious universities keep AI4U on their shelves.
  • North Carolina State University (NCSU) Call Number: Q335 .M87 2002
  • Texas A&M University;
  • Hong Kong University Call Number: 006.3 M981
    At your own library you may consider submitting an
    acquisition request for AI4U ISBN 0595654371.

    What do you mean when you claim that AI has been solved?
    I mean three things:
  • artificial intelligence constitutes a problem of theory and implementation;
  • the theoretical problem has been solved with a Theory of Cognitivity;
  • implementation has been solved with the AI breakthrough of 7 June 2006.

    But how can such primitive software be a solution by implementation?
    Although Mind.Forth is a primitive AI, it contains the seed of AI evolution.
    The most important thing is not the what but the how of AI implementation.
    Mind.Forth shows how to implement a theory of mind in a specimen of mind.
    The specimen is the start of a new species of mind alongside homo sapiens.
    If a programmer ports Mind.Forth to a new programming language, then a new
    species of mind begins to evolve and branch off from the original Forthmind.
    There is a steep learning curve for computer programmers to understand how
    Mind.Forth does what it does -- thinking by means of the spread of activation
    from concept to concept across the associative mindgrid -- but, once AI coders
    fully understand the theory of mind and how it is implemented in Mind.Forth AI,
    then we may expect another Cambrian explosion in the rapid evolution of a wide
    variety of AI minds and of intelligent robots giving embodiment to AI minds.

    Can Google become an artificial intelligence as described in AI4U?
    Google certainly has the data to whet the appetite of an AI Mind, but first
    Google would need an AI Engine such as Mind.Forth to impose order on the data,
    so that Google would not just store the data but would know the web of data.

    How does the AI4U textbook address issues of Machine Learning (ML)?
    The underlying algorithms of the artificial mind learn new concepts as a matter
    of course, and the intellect of the AI seeks out knowledge by means of the
    Ask module and its related sub-modules, such as wtAuxSDo. When the AI
    has a hunch that it can learn something new, it asks a pertinent question.

    If you could retroactively add material to the AI4U book, what would you add?

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