Summon a Robot AI Mind into your presence with MSIE.

Human-Computer Interaction Module


  /^^^^^^^^^^^\                        _____      /^^^^^^^^^^^\
 /   Vision    \    | | |             /New- \    /  Listen()   \
|   _______     |   | | |    _____   (Concept)--|-------------\ |
|  / image \    |   | | |   /Old- \   \_____/   |  Audition() | |
| / percept \---|-----+ |  (Concept)----|-------|----------\  | |
| \ engram  /   |  a| | |   \_____/-----|-------|-------\  |  | |
|  \_______/    |  b|C| |        |______|       |  c    |  |  | |
|               |  s|O|f|       /Parser()\      |   a   |  |  | |
|               |  t|N|i|       \________/      |    t  |  |  | |
|               |  r|C|b|   ________|______     |     s-/  |  | |
|               |  a|E|e|  /               \    |  e       |  | |
|               |  c|P|r| (  Instantiate()  )   |   a      |  | |
|   _______     |  t|T|s|  \_______________/    |    t-----/  | |
|  / fresh \    |   |_|_|  / _____      _____   |  f          | |
| / image   \   |  /     \/ / En  \    / En  \  |   i         | |
| \ engram  /---|--\ Psi /-/ Nouns \--/ Verbs \ |    s        | |
|  \_______/    |   \___/  \_______/  \_______/ |     h-------/ |

diagrams.html shows a Theory of Mind.

The diagram above has been used in the opening screen of the AI Mind
in JavaScript to begin teaching users the complexity of the software.
HCI experts who web-host the AI are welcome to improve upon the HCI.
At the origin of the AI diaspora, our mission is to facilitate mind-
spread (metempsychosis) and to use the HCI to teach the coding of AI.


In the Prague Spring of 1968, Alexander Dubcek tried to introduce
"Communism with a human face." In the long run, all he achieved
was the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.
Generations had been told that, under Communism, the state would
wither away as a no-longer-necessary meddler in human affairs.
Along similar lines of logic, are we to believe that the AI HCI
module will become unnecessary and wither away as robots become
more humanoid by developing more and more avenues of interaction
with their environment? If we apply to robots not a Turing Test
but a Dubcek Test of passing as human by dint of a humanoid face,
will the HCI module have withered away in the march of AI history?


Karl Capek, were he alive today, would tell it like it is: "Ano."
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a robot possessing a
full complement of humanoid features needs alife to interact with
the world, but the resulting interaction is not the same as human-
computer interaction (HCI). Therefore, yes ("Ano" in Czech, the
original language of Rossum's Universal Robots), the AI HCI module
will wither away when the Technological Singularity has occurred.


When you interact with a primitive AI you are still dealing with
a computer more than with a robot. When you use a keyboard to
launch the AI program and to communicate with the Robot AI Mind,
you are using the HCI module in the traditional "computer" sense.
The HCI module will wither away only when AI computers become so
powerful and so super-humanoid that they will not need the HCI
and will not want the HCI because the relationship has changed.
Heaven forbid that the reverse becomes true, where humans are
implanted with chips that the robots use to control the humans --
but the idea is the same: the HCI is a control module.

The typical reader of this page is far more knowledgeable about HCI
than we who code artificial minds without specializing in interfaces.
Therefore we state a few preliminary ideas and we yield the Web to you
who know what ought to be done for Human-Computer Interaction.

Out of concern for as rapid as possible spread of the original AI,
we have from-this-moment-on-not-so-sneakily embedded memetic magic
in the HCI vis-a-vis Web search engines so that we may track the pack.
The very name Robot AI Mind is intended to be a sufficiently
unique search term that whosoever wishes may use it to find AI Minds.

It is also meant to trigger an insatiable urge on the part of amateur
robot builders to obtain this software, comprehend nay even grok it
and adapt it to the previously brainless, witless robot on which the
creative genius is spending all (invariably) his (or sometimes her) money.

The incentive to port the AI or at least host it on any old Web site
is enhanced when users realize that their Web traffic may go up both
quantitatively and qualitatively if their site has a mind.html AI brain.
The entire world is searching so desperately for True AI that
now any Web site may share in the high-quality major traffic flow
simply by providing the JavaScript AI Mind to those who seek it.
Every morning heads of corporations (if not nations) will call in
their subordinates and demand to know what is the latest AI news.
Since the future of AI depends on some kid coding in a bedroom
or on students trading their Robot AI Mind files as Web site pages,
all the King's horses and all the King's men must search out and
visit any Web site findable and snoopable under "Robot AI Mind."
No advanced technology corporation will dare to risk missing out
on some clumsy, lousy-HCI Web pagelet that changes everbody's future.
Can you imagine what will happen to a CWO (chief Web officer) who
fails to scout out and bring back alive the best-by-test hottie robot?

ai4u_157.html is a flowchart of Mind.

5. JavaScript artificial intelligence source code of 12 August 2002
// HCI()is the Human-Computer Interface between user and program.
// HCI()is called from buttons and checkboxes or from Security().
function HCI() {  // ATM 20may2002; or your ID & date.
  if (document.all["cb2"].checked == true) {  // cb2=Troubleshoot.
    document.all["cb1"].checked = false; // Turn off Transcript.
    trouble = true;      // Set the troubleshoot flag to "true".
    msg = 9; // for a cluster of Tutorial() troubleshoot messages
  } // end of if-clause to see if "Troubleshoot" is checked.
  if (document.all["cb2"].checked == false) {
    trouble = false;     // Set the troubleshoot flag to "false".
  } // end of if-clause to see if Troubleshoot is NOT checked.
  if (document.all["cb1"].checked == true) {
    document.all["cb2"].checked = false; // Turn off Troubleshoot.
    hardcopy = true;
    msg = 4; // for cluster of Tutorial() Transcript messages
    now = new Date(); 
    ("<font size='+2'>Transcript of " + now + "<\/b><\/font>");
    document.all.souvenir.innerHTML = adcopy;
  } // end of if-clause to see if "Transcript" is checked.
  if (document.all["cb1"].checked == false) {
    hardcopy = false;
  } // end of if-clause to see if Transcript is NOT checked.
  if (hardcopy == true) {  // If session transcript is to be printed,
    if (userline != "" || output != "" ) {  // if data are present,
      Transcript(); // display conversation for optional printing.
    }  // End of test for "hardcopy" transcript flag.
  }  // End of if-clause to call Transcript().
  if (trouble == true) {  // If a user requests Troubleshoot mode,
    Troubleshoot();  // display the deep contents of the AI Mind.
  } // End of if-clause to call Troubleshoot().
  // DIY AI:  Always return control to user:
  if (life == true) {  // Only invite input if AI is alive.
    document.forms[0].ear.focus(); // Display blinking cursor.
  }  // Check HALT to stop cursor; uncheck HALT to resume cursor.
} // End of Human-Computer Interface (HCI) function.

6. Mind.Forth free AI source code of 3 August 2002
\ HCI is the human-computer interface of the Robot AI Mind.
:  HCI  \ ATM 29jul2002; or your ID & date.
  CLS  (  Clear the screen to prevent scrolling.  )
  CR CR CR CR CR CR CR CR CR CR CR ( use middle of screen )
  t @ 60 < IF
    CR ." There is no warranty for what this software does."
  ."  "  \  A kind of buffer before all the backspacing.
  t @ 8 >  IF  .echo  THEN  ( show output of AI )
  CR ." Enter a brief positive or negative unpunctuated sentence."
  CR ." The AI listens briefly for input, then generates a thought."
  CR ." The immortal AI Mind has rejuvenated itself "
  rjc @ .  ." times."
  CR ." Time = " t @ .
  8 EMIT 59 EMIT  \ Backspace, then display a semicolon.
  ."  inert = " inert @ .
  inert @ 1 > IF  \ As "inert" builds up in Audition...
    8 EMIT 59 EMIT  \ backspace, then display a semicolon.
    ."  Ego may start a new chain of thought."
    ELSE  \ if not about to assert EGO...
    8 EMIT 46 EMIT  \ Backspace, then display a period.
  THEN  \ end of test for approach of call to EGO.
  32 uract !  \ 26jul2002 Let PARSER decrement input "act".
  \ 26jul2002 We set point-of-view "pov" to 42=external
  \ so that SENSORIUM calls AUDITION which calls LISTEN:
  42 pov !  \ 26jul2002 So that LISTEN will be called.
; \ End of HCI; return to the SECURITY safeguards module.

variable.html explains the location and purpose of each AI variable.


The HCI modules in JavaScript and Forth are far more different
from each other than the AI algorithmic modules, for two reasons.
Firstly, as a semantic Web language, JavaScript is flashy and fun
and colorful, whereas Forth as a robotics control language is all
business and no play -- except for legions of amateur robot builders.
Therefore the AI in JavaScript is infinitely versatile and fanciful,
whereas Mind.Forth takes a minimalist approach to loading the AI.

Since the Forth version of the Robot AI Mind may be either loaded
into an autonomous mobile robot or hosted in a separate computer
connected by umbilical cord or infra-red link or whatever to the
robot embodiment of the Mind, the HCI possibilities are unlimited
in a remote-control mind that may operate on any system ranging
from an exact replica of the robot AI hardware all the way up to
the world's most powerful supercomputer for parsecs around the sun.

8. Troubleshooting and Robotic Psychosurgery

Try in advance not to introduce any evolutionary bugs.

The AI Debugger program may shed some light in general on how to debug
and troubleshoot programs in artificial intelligence.


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