Summon a Robot AI Mind into your presence with MSIE.

The Instantiate Robot Mind-Module


   /^^^^^^^^^\ Instantiate Associates Psi Concepts /^^^^^^^^^\
  /   EYE     \   PSI                   _____     /   EAR     \
 /             \  MINDCORE             /New- \   /             \
|   _______     | CONCEPTS   _______  (Concept)-|-------------\ |
|  /old    \    |  | | |    / Old-  \  \_____/  |  Audition   | |
| / image   \---|----+ |   ( Concept )---|------|----------\  | |
| \ recog   /   |  | | |    \_______/----|------|-------\  |  | |
|  \_______/    | a| | |      |     \  __|___   |  c    |  |  | |
|               | b|C| |   ___V____  \/ POS  \  |   a   |  |  | |
|   visual      | s|O|f|  /        \ ( Parser ) |    t  |  |  | |
|               | t|N|i| ( Activate ) \______/  |     s-/  |  | |
|   memory      | r|C|b|  \________/   |noun?   |          |  | |
|               | a|E|e|   ___|_____   |verb?   |  e       |  | |
|   remembrance | c|P|r|  /         \  |adj.?   |   a      |  | |
|               | t|T|s| / spreadAct \ |adverb? |    t-----/  | |
|   channel     |  |_|_| \___________/ |prep.?  |             | |
|   _______     | /Mind-\/  ___________|conj.?  |  f          | |
|  /new    \    |( Core  ) /INSTANTIATE\        |   a         | |
| / percept \---|-\"Psi"/-/ psi enx seq \       |    u        | |
| \ engram  /   |  \___/ ( act       pos )      |     n       | |
|  \_______/    |         \ jux     pre /       |      a------/ |
|               |          \___________/        |               |

diagrams.html shows a Theory of Mind.

In the Robot AI Mind, a concept is the representation in
software of a long neuronal fiber branching out physically
into thousands of synapses and logically into a long chain
of associative nodes, each potentially connecting the
concept fiber by associative tag to another concept fiber
or to an engram in a sensorimotor memory channel.

In order to simulate synapses on nerve fibers, the Mind software
uses associative tags on elements in a semantic memory array.


Instantiate creates the software tags to represent synapses.
Each position in the synaptic tag-panel of a concept node may
contain a number to represent an associated concept, or a level
of activation, or the grammatical category of a concept-fiber.

As the advancing front of consciousness fills in the genetically
tabula rasa mindgrid, the Instantiate module silently affixes
associative tags to each node or instance of a concept, so that
the concept remains active and recallable over time, and so that
machine learning may occur by virtue of the making and changing
of conceptual ideas in the knowledge base of the artificial Mind.

The diagram ai4u_157.html is a flowchart of Mind.

3. JavaScript artificial intelligence source code of 12 August 2002
// psiExam() is a method of psiNode()
// for access to mindcore Psi concept nodes.
function psiExam() {  // ATM 1aug2002; or your ID & date.
  psi0 = this.psi;
  psi1 = this.act;
  psi2 = this.jux;
  psi3 = this.pre;
  psi4 = this.pos;
  psi5 = this.seq;
  psi6 = this.enx;
} // End of psiExam method of psiNode().

// psiNode() is called from Instantiate()
// to create or modify a Psi concept node:
function psiNode(psi,act,jux,pre,pos,seq,enx) {
  this.psi = psi; // mindcore Psi concept;
  this.act = act; // activation level;
  this.jux = jux; // juxtaposed modifier;
  this.pre = pre; // previous associand;
  this.pos = pos; // part-of-speech;
  this.seq = seq; // subsequent associand;
  this.enx = enx; // transfer to En(glish)
this.psiExam = psiExam; // a method of this object.
} // End of psiNode; return to Instantiate().

// Instantiate() is called from the Parser
// module to create a new node of a concept.
function Instantiate() {  // ATM 1aug2002; ID & date.
  Psi[t] = new psiNode(psi,act,jux,pre,pos,seq,enx);
}  // End of Instantiate; return to the Parser module.

4. Mind.Forth free AI source code of 4 August 2002
\  INSTANTIATE is called from the PARSER
\  module to create a new node of a Psi concept.
:  INSTANTIATE  \ ATM 3aug2002; or your ID & date.
  ( concept fiber psi )             psi @  t @  0 psi{ !
  ( Set "act" activation level. )   act @  t @  1 psi{ +!
  ( Store JUXtaposition tags. )     jux @  t @  2 psi{ !
  ( Store PREvious associand. )     pre @  t @  3 psi{ !
  ( Store functional pos code. )    pos @  t @  4 psi{ !
  ( Store the subSEQuent tag. )     seq @  t @  5 psi{ !
  ( Store the EN-transfer tag. )    enx @  t @  6 psi{ ! 
  ( Reset for safety. )       \   0 seq !  0 enx ! 
;  \ End of INSTANTIATE; return to Parser module.

variable.html explains the location and purpose of each AI variable.


Instantiate gathers up the various flags for associative tags and
creates a new node at the freshest extremity of a concept fiber.
By virtue of new associations, a concept may shift over time and
the artificial Mind may learn and unlearn conceptual knowledge.

The same Psi concept may transfer activation to vocabulary words
in several human languages spoken by the artificial Mind. If the
AI Mind speaks three languages, say, German, English and Japanese,
then the deVocab() and enVocab() and jaVocab() modules will all
receive activation from any Psi concept that is to be expressed
as an element of thought in a particular human language.

AI programmers of a polyglot AI Mind need to determine whether
the transfer-to-English "enx" flag must be joined by additional
transfer-to-German "dex" flags and transfer-to-Japanese "jax"
flags in a mind with Deutsch(), English() and Japanese()
modules, or whether the "enx" flag, renamed or not, will work
with any number ad libitum of natural languages by dint of
transferring activation always to the appropriate vocabulary
module for the particular moment in time "t" at which the Psi
node was established in the first place. In such a felicitous
case, "enx" may simply become the lexical "lex" flag, because
there is no "le" language designation in between Latin "la" and
Lingala "ln" in the ISO 639 "Code for the representation of names
of languages" upon which deVocab() and jaVocab() are based.

Any person or nation wishing to code a monolingual AI Mind in one
of the ISO 639 natural human languages may simply replace the
English() module with a module for the new language and replace
enVocab() likewise with a vocabulary module for the new language.
Note however that the same unchanged auditory memory channel will
accommodate one and all natural human languages, just as we human
beings have only one auditory perception system in our sensorium --
which, by the way, need be expressed as only one Sensorium module
in the AI Mind, no matter how many languages the robot may speak.

To build an AI Mind that speaks two or more languages, AI coders
will probably devise an extra tag in the oldConcept() module to
recognize that a particular incoming word in the input stream
belongs to a particular human language, the syntax of which ought
now to be invoked if most of the incoming words are recognizably
elements of the vocabulary of the particular language. In other
words, speak German to the AI, and it will answer you in German.
Switch abruptly to Japanese, and the AI will use its Japanese()
syntax module and its jaVocab() lexicon module to reply to you.


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