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Ah, but you want to read the guidance first. This free rent-a-board is extended to you, the people who really want to have DMB type message board but can not have it for some reason or other. So before you, as a whole, use up all my unused web space, I count on some of you get your own web space where you can set up cgi, so to free the space for someone else. (You can leave a move notice after your relocation.)

DMB rent-a-board Guidance:

Set up your MessageBoard.
For comments, questions, censure, etc., use Q and A board.
If you want to test how DMB works, however, do not use Q and A board. Use test board, please.
If you are the DMB member already and looking for the admin page, it's here.
If you want to have custom-made cgi, ask me for a quotation.
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