RE: Auto filter words, auto delete old files

Auto delete is not a big deal. I've already made that.
Go to my web site
where you can take either "prof DMB", "SP DMB" or "MAX DMB".
(Actually, "auto delete" can be added to other boards too.)

Yes, you can contain the board in frame if it is "Iframe" or not.

Technically speaking, "auto filter words" is not a big deal either.
The reason I never made "auto filter words" type messageboard is
that I do not have a foolproof list of bad words.
Suppose you think that "sex" is a dirty word and filter it.
Now, someone is posting from essex in England.
How can he spell "essex" without "sex" omitted?
If he can evade the filter, then a flamer can evad it too.
Maybe I let you, a user, prepare the words list.
How do you think?

And about P.O. address; I do have a postal order account.
But don't you feel ripped off when you need to pay $5 to
the financial institution to send $14 for a programmer?
The most of my programs are visitware.
You do not pay me money. You pay me visit (to my web site).