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so let us know what the situation is where you are via the comment section. After leaks and cryptic tweets Motorola's new flagship smartphone is upon us ready to do battle with its Android counterparts and The phone will be released in the US on all four major carriers and US Cellular later this month or in early September for $19999 (132) As for the UK release date that still hasnt been confirmed but well keep you updated on that scoreAt any rate we got some hands-on time with the new gadget at the New York unveiling yesterday So how does the handset stack up against the competition The Moto X includes a 47in display which is fairly standard for Android smartphones these days and not quite phablet territory It's a 1280 x 720 display boasting 316 pixels per inch which doesn't quite stack up against the 1920 x 1080 full HD displays on the and HTC One but the average phone user probably won't noticeThe Moto X sports a curved back which Motorola said it selected because "your palm is not flat" This curve is more pronounced than that of the for example making it feel a bit heftier (see the image below for a comparison of the profile of the two handsets the HTC One is on the left) But in reality the Moto X weighs in at 130 grams to the HTC One's 143 grams Motorola said the phone's custom-shaped battery fills that curve to really take advantage of the spaceThe back of the phone is patterned but smooth and looks a bit like snakeskin which can be a bit trippy if you stare at it for too longAmong the features that Motorola talked up during yesterdays meeting with reporters was touchless control Once activated you can talk to your Moto X from up to 15 feet away asking it to call certain people look things up online or get directions You say "Okay Google Now" to wake it up and command awayYou're stuck with the "Okay Google Now" command; no passphrase customisation is allowed But you will need to set it up so that your Moto X can better recognise your voice To do this you can go to Settings > Touchless Control make sure you're in a quiet room and record your voice for better results The service worked pretty well in a hands-on demo at the Motorola event but we'll really put it through its paces in our full review of the deviceThe Moto X also includes an active display which will show you the time and other selected alerts text messages missed calls and so forth without having to wake up your phone I got it to work when flipping the phone over and picking it up off a desk It's also supposed to work just by tapping the screen but that one was a bit more temperamental Sometimes it worked great; at other times I was just jabbing at the phone like a nut when I could've just hit the power buttonFor quick photos the Moto X will pull up the camera app with two twists of the wrist Flick your wrist to the left or right twice and the camera appears without the need to enter a passcode allowing you to take pics in less than two seconds Motorola claimed The feature worked well enough though you might feel a little dumb flicking your phone around especially if it doesn't work on the first take It reminded me a bit of "shake to shuffle" on iOS which I quickly disabled after my iPod would change songs as I walkedThese features will all be powered by the new Motorola X8 mobile computing system that includes several chips: A 17GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro as well as a natural language processor and a contextual computing processor that handles the sensors both developed by MotorolaThe elephant in the room is that a number of these features are available on Motorola's new Droid line-up which it unveiled last week The Moto X differentiates itself from those phones with customisation options colours engravings and welcome screen greetings Since Motorola is assembling the Moto X in Fort Worth Texas Rick Osterloh Motorola's senior vice president of product management said that US users should have their coloured Moto X within four days of placing an orderThe phone will run and looks very close to stock Android It could be upgraded to but Motorola had nothing to announce on thatPublished under license from Ziff Davis Inc, IncThe speeds are double those offered by P4 SSDs being offered by SanDisk. The SSDs come with a read speed of up to 450MB per second and write speed of up to 340MB per second. conventional wisdom suggests that you shouldn't contact customers and invite them to call outside of normal business hours, This is important, there is one major difference Lenovo already has a fairly broad,Fans of hit series Top Gear are familiar with its "tame race car driver, All rights reserved.