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Steve King: This is the most pivotal issue of our time. It is a destiny issue. If the federal government has the authority - it must be repealed. This is sending a message to the American people, it's bringing the level of their attention back up again, it's taking this out into the minds of the people that are deciding which candidates they want to support, and, so that is a big part of it. But there's another component of this that I don't think anybody is talking about enough as a result of this Supreme Court decision, and that is the Supreme Court has conferred upon the Congress the power to coerce behavior. Not alone levy a tax with an interest and a penalty against someone for failing to buy the insurance policy that's either produced or approved by the federal government. But that's opened up the door to all kinds of behavior control. The judges talked about, almost as adding it into their verbiage, broccoli. If they can require you to buy insurance or tax you if they don't, can they tax you if you don't buy broccoli? Yes, that principle is laid out pretty clearly. Can they force you to buy an electric car, for example? Where does this end? So the power to coerce is something that will be litigated for decades to come, and this is a super power that we should not have in the United States Congress. So I'm hopeful that, out of this debate, comes more clarity. I'm hopeful the litigation will come to litigate and repeal this decision of the Supreme Court and bring it back to, I believe, the unconstitutional violation now, the Court has declared that these penalties are taxes. And if they are taxes they cannot start in the United States Senate and be passed under reconciliation of a simple majority. If we can win that case, they can throw ObamaCare out again. But that doesn't happen unless we have a national debate.