little problems with DBMWriter

Hello man!

First of all I have to tell, Your offer here is more than generous, really!
Thanks for that anf for the idea of "visitware"!

After downloading "DMBWriter_RT.cpt.hqx" to my Mac (PowerMac 9600/OS 8.0 deutsch) I first "de-hqxed" the file, then expanded it with StuffIt Deluxe 5.0.

Then I started DBMWriter by double-click like usual.

The Problem now is:
nearly all menu-headers and menu-entrances are something like "crypted" and so unreadable for me. Even the text in the dialog-boxes is "alien-changed" too.
To visualize this for You, I have six screenshots under

But dropping the readymade template-folders works fine!

Because I would like to use the more sophisticated possibilities of customizing that the program offers itself inside, I really would like to READ the texts.

Did I make a (stupid) mistake ??

I would be really glad, if You would give me a short advice!

With many thanks in advance

Michael Machauer