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The sample "about visitware"

The sample below is provided for you to make your software visitware, though you may not be bound by this specific wording. If you come up with any better form (better in the sense it reduces disputes between software authors and users without being one-sided and/or effectively defend our rights as a whole from a third party) please let me know.

No warranty.

Name of your software, Version No.
visitware (C) Year Your Name, All rights reserved

about visitware
If you use this software, you want to visit my homepage name/.

A visitware is a free of charge software in which visiting the author's homepage is the condition of usage. A user is obligated to visit the author's homepage at least once except he does not have internet access.

A visitware author registers his handle, software and homepage with and is assigned URL. URL will be name/ in which the author's handle will replace "author name".

A third party can distribute or modify visitware as far as he follows "about visitware". He does not need to pay nor obtain an agreement from the author.

A party distributing visitware or a product based on it has to attach the full text of "about visitware" in which address of the homepage to visit is designated and claims and obligations of a user, a distributor, a rewriter or any other parties involved are specified.

The homepage of is, please visit. For further information, please feel free to contact

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